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  • The 757 meeting(s)

    Huh... look at this!

    Heads up, there is a fair mount of geek activity in the 757. is a general pointer site to the local resources. It includes a blog with news about local tech related (and con related, and geek meet related) things. is a project release point for HRGeeks. Mainly, if someone is doing something and wants to put it out for free, that's where it's been going (for those that are interested). We've been doing our best to assist with the east coast cons where we can drive.

    The DC757 meeting morphed into the HRGeeks meeting, which happens on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Kelly's at Pembroke Mall. Be sure to visit and verify that this is still the case, as this post may grow inaccurate in the future.

    If there is interest, it would not be a problem to spawn a totally separate meeting for DC757 again, hopefully taking place on the 3rd week of the month.

    There is also an irc network that a large number of locals use. Hit, and join #proto

    There is also a local 2600 meeting that happens 1st Friday of each month. It's now going down at the same mall, Pembroke, at the food court. It's been somewhat limp, nothing compared to the HRGeeks crowd. I encourage locals to support them all.