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Thoughts on the contest...

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  • Thoughts on the contest...

    A slam-and-go design won't be elegant, but will win if there are no style points- case in point- I have seen maze competitions where the most intelligent design (actually solve the maze) will lose to the cheap and dirty (just run like hell, random turn, rinse repeat)- Is this being considered?

    It seems most people are basing their designs on IR. This can be good, can be bad. Generally speaking you will be using off the shelf IR sensors set up for around 38.5 kHz. Have you considered the havoc that will be the lighting in the contest area? Depending on the lights in there IR may go bonkers if not intelligently considered. Sunlight would be a bitch as well, but I doubt that will be a problem.

    Is 'offensive' IR considered 'attacking' the other team? Knowledge of what general off the shelf IR sensors are available, one could in theory neuter IR sensors.....

    I have a request as well- how about a separate division for robots that don't use wheels? Walkers, etc....

    I would love to see a round where you CANT touch the walls AT ALL or you are disqualified. That would completely change things. Servos might stand a chance in that version...

    Just thinking out loud...


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    Re: Thoughts on the contest...

    i was thinking about that :D "polluting" the air with different IR beams to fuzz the opponent. but i wasn't sure if that was allowed or not.
    As for touching, it's not a big deal. you can be hit from the back and slam into the wall. it may require a bit for your controllers to get on tracks. as long a scrapping the wall isn't allowed.
    as for the walkers ... pretty nice idea :D !
    the aim is to finish the race. so if the slam and go design beats the intelligent design, then the slam and go is more efficient, and maybe deserves to win. you can't always win with the most "thought off" situation. still, there should be a special award or at least points for the most intelligent one, or well designed one.


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      Re: Thoughts on the contest...

      Is this for you to answer?


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        Re: Thoughts on the contest...

        no, but i was just thinking out loud too :D


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          Re: Thoughts on the contest...

          Yes, polluting IR is allowed. Yes, dirty solutions may be the winners. No, we probably don't have enough entrants to have separate divisions.

          --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?