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  • LayerOne wrapup

    I had a great time at LayerOne. This new hotel is way better. The pool area made for a great hangout (except for all the kids... we kept making megans law jokes hoping the parents would keep their children away but it didn't work).

    The catholic convention was funny, but they didn't like us very much.

    Security treated us great, check out my "sharpie fight" video, that started at 2:30am on friday night.

    --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?

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    Re: LayerOne wrapup

    I'm happy with this years event overall.

    1. The hotel. I like the Anaheim Marriott. The fact that some of our speakers/attendees have (good) pre-existing relationships with various levels of people there is a bonus. Overall they were easy to deal with and the price was right

    2. The pre-party. I had a fucking blast at the pre-party across the parking lot. When we went down there in December to check out hotels I had narrowed it down to the Clarion and the Marriott. The Marriott is obviously a nicer property, but the Clarion was cheap. However, it was a little too cheap and their convention services people were less than helpful. However while we were there we saw that bar and said 'regardless of where we go, we need to drink here at LayerOne'. The fact that they had a karaoke machine was a bonus

    3. The after party. Big shout out to the 23b folks for having everyone over at the shop. The space is cool and its always a good party

    4. The speakers. Content has never been a problem for LayerOne. We know we're a small conference with only one track. Having one bad speaker puts a dent in the conference, so we take care to book quality speakers. This years speakers totally delivered on expectations. I was happy as hell with the quality of the content.

    5. The entertainment. Freakshow Deluxe always put on a great show. This year was no different. The drink tickets and free beer helped too. I hope no one paid for drinks, we had plenty of tickets.

    6. The attendees. We had very cool people at this years event. Some folks that I have known for years, others I know casually, and a few new people. All of them were cool.

    I beat my own record too. The post-con page went live with video last night, less than a week after the event ended. Hows that for turn-around! Seriously watch it with your face and be rocked.

    Thanks to everyone who came out and those that made it happen.

    I want to specifically call out Tedd from Media Archives. Tedd travels the country taping conferences, everything from hacker cons to UFO cons. Tedd hustles to make it all happen and he does it solely because of an altruistic desire to make sure this stuff gets recorded so others can see it. He's a hell of a guy who does a crazy job. If anyone wants to buy DVDs of our talks (or shmoocons or toorcons as well) hit his site and buy a few. He's really in it for the community.

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      Re: LayerOne wrapup

      Originally posted by noid View Post
      I want to specifically call out Tedd from Media Archives
      heh... something always goes just slightly funny whenever Tedd caps one of my talks. Never catastrophic, just funny. This time around was my name. Heh, "deviant's ollam" sounds like a bit of a rakish reference.

      Super huge thanks to noid and his whole crew for another great LayerOne. I'm quite pleased to have gotten out there again this year. My regards to everyone who came to the "Packing and the Friendly Skies" talk... i do hope to hear some of your accounts of flying with firearms.
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        Re: LayerOne wrapup

        I had a great time speaking and a great time attending the convention! Thanks for all the work you and the LayerOne crew did, noid. :)


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          Re: LayerOne wrapup

          Very good indeed. The hotel was a blessing compared to last year.

          Karaoke was a blast!

          See how that sharpie fight ended up.


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            Re: LayerOne wrapup

            Big thanks to Noid and all the speakers, for a first con, it was a fun time.

            Would have been more fun if I knew more than one person, but that is something that will come with time I guess.