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DC206 Campout just weeks away!

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  • DC206 Campout just weeks away!

    The annual DC206 campout is just weeks away. The campout will be happening June 25-28 down at Lewis and Clark State Park. For those that haven't been, we rent a private campground down there every year and spend a few days relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

    If you are going to Toorcamp, this would be a good time to give your gear a dry run before you find yourself trying to repair your busted tent in 100 degree heat miles away from anything. I'm planning on testing some shade setups down there before I find out in eastern WA that they dont work right.

    That weekend is also Field Day for you HAM types. With any luck we'll have a HF base station set up so you can make contacts with other HAM operators from across the globe, which seems to be 90% of all HAM communications.

    Also, a reminder that unlike Toorcamp, CCC, etc, this is not a super technology event. We actively discourage tech at the campout. If you show up with turntables and a strong desire to IRC from the camp while spinning hours and hours of crazy mad phat techno beats..well, the chipmunks will pick your carcass clean. Ya, we're in good with the chipmunks, thats how we roll. Gear like HAM radio and GPS units are fine, but if you're looking to make noise or spend your time online talking to others who aren't at the camp..dont bother coming.

    The camp site is a couple of bucks a night, payable each night to the ranger, so bring cash. Also, as stated in a previous post, we tend to do things in a fairly communal manner when it comes to food. Be prepared to contribute in some way or another, either by being involved in prep, cooking, or cleanup. Also, the campsite is not in the middle of nowhere. There is a Wal-Mart just a few miles away (~8mi) and a small general store about 2 miles away.

    I am heading down on Thursday to secure the campsite and have room for one in my car (Evil has to work).

    I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me