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  • Addition of DC 718...

    I've been told that the present list of DCG on the main Defcon site is a bit out of date, but we all know that Neil is busy working hard on lots of other things. This is understandable, and I don't discredit him for this, as there are many more important things for him to work on, like the Defcon 17 content -- and Defcon is less than 5 week away. :-)

    I did get confirmation from a Goon that DC718 is valid and was given an ok for creation and reference, and will probably get added on the next update. Since I have this confirmation from a Goon about this status, I am activating this forum for service to Defcon Group 718.

    The first contact I have for this DCG is m00s3 and I might guess than NotKevin is also a member or organizer for this DCG, but I am not certain about that; NotKevin and/or m00s3 can let you know about that, if they want to.

    Good luck!