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Female looking for females to bunk with

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  • Female looking for females to bunk with

    Unsure of days -- sort of depends on what I can find so far as lodging goes. So consider me flexible, there.

    Willing to crash on floors and pay my own way, just can't afford single occupancy these days. Would prefer to bunk with other females strictly, but if you have a dude (homo or hetero or whatever -- don't care) there that you trust and its still majority female, I'm cool with that. I'm not cool with three dudes and somebody's girlfriend, though -- please respect my intelligence and don't bother if this is the situation you're planning on proposing. =P Willing to rethink that if we know similar folk and they can vouch for you.

    I'm a network / phone / SE chick, late 20's, so if our interests and ages match, all the better (though I am interested in and conversational in other areas, if you don't mind inquisitive questions regarding your field of work/interest). I'm very safe, polite and clean. :) I've got some very nice friends I'll be meeting up with at DC who already have too many per room, but if you'd like to meet some new folk, I know some nice people.

    I'm a party type, but like for the room to be the quiet area.

    This is my first time doing something like this, so if you need more info, please PM or hit me up in the thread. I'll give folk my e-mail address if we are a viable rooming option for one another.

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    Re: Female looking for females to bunk with

    A room share has been found. Thank you. :)


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      Re: Female looking for females to bunk with


      Can you guys hook me up with a space in that room?



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        Re: Female looking for females to bunk with

        I responded privately with the following before seeing the response to my initial I am reposting in case of other ladies searching the forums for a room share. =)

        The space is not at the hotel. The property is 10 minutes away. One chick is in charge of the space, as she is renting the property off a friend. Thus, she is the one who manages who gets in, and from what I've observed, it is all folk she knows & trusts.

        There are two caveats to this -- 1. -- We already know one another, thus there is already trust established. Were I in charge of the space myself, I would be down like four flats on a caddy with welcoming other women -- even strangers -- who needed space and didn't want to take a chance with the general populace, because I certainly empathise with wanting a dependably safe room-share with other females. Fact is, I'm not the one in charge of it. And to be honest with you, I doubt the main chick in charge is down with that, though I can inquire as to her comfort level, provided you or whomever agrees to and understands caveat #...

        2. -- We all agreed to rent our own vehicles so that we would have individual rides to the convention, thus ensuring that all occupants could come and go as they pleased without feeling burdened / put out / at the whim of another chicks schedule. Personally, if it came down to it though, I'd tote your ass in my rental...I don't really give a shit. :)

        If you are able to rent your own car or conform to my schedule, and can put up with the space being 10 minutes away, would you like me to inquire on your (or any other females) behalf?

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