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  • Noid

    is there any way i can get a hold of noid i tried sending private message but i get a error, i need to talk to him about something.

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    Ok...again, I hate to sound like a broken record, but at least TRY to find things for yourself. Search the forum for posts by noid. Read them. I know for a FACT that he posted his email addy in at least one...because I just looked it doing the above.
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      Is it the "Click here to email.." function that isn't working? or that you can't use the private message function?
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        i cant use the private message function.


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          Not everyone has private messages enabled. Try clicking the "Click here to email". It works just fine, and is a lot faster than waiting for someone on here to relay 3rd party that you're looking for him, and for him to take the time to find your contact info and get back to you.
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            Originally posted by octalpussy
            Not everyone has private messages enabled.

            This problem should now be fixed... check out this thread:


            <old info no longer applies>
            I think in another of Fused's threads I posted that I thought this was normal, but it appears it is only happening to an exclusive few... i am unable to PM myself(and I have PM enabled), though I am logged in and posting without a problem, i am unable to delete my own posts, even seconds after I have posted... I thought perhaps it was something based on policy, for example one would have to reach 100 posts before being further enabled... but I suppose that isn't the answer either... I have accessed this system from other clients without any type of cookie control, other than conventional firewalls, and still have been unable to do any of the above.... Hope that helps allleviate the lonesomeness of this problem :)
            </old info no longer applies>
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