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  • About: Value Added News Discussion

    So, you want to contribute to "Value Added News Discussion" ?

    What this is not:
    * Not a place to break the forum rules.
    * Not for copy & paste of URL without adding substantial value.

    What this is:
    * Place for YOU to provide value and commentary about news and interesting links

    * Relevance to the topics of Defcon, Security, Computers, Working in a technical industry, learning/education, books, etc.
    * The story would be of interest to other members of the forums.
    * No rule violations (especially on topics of politics and religion)
    * A long-link to the PUBLIC story (no tiny-url or url-shortening service links, and no requirement to "log-in" to see private or commercial content)
    * No complete copy/paste of the whole text of the article, only relevant segments
    * If you copy/paste any copyrighted material, provide appropriate citations such as long (unshortened) URL to original story.
    * Commentary from the poster about the news story showing relevance
    * Commentary from the poster providing insight or thoughtful consideration on the topic well beyond what is found on slashdot without duplicating comments from other sites.
    * The poster would have a genuine interest in the topic and continue to discuss it with other members of the forums.
    * Please avoid "fake news" and satirical stories about real stories. This would include stories from places like, "The Onion," and especially places like, "LandOverBaptist," because of the issues on discussing religion or politics. (Real stories can provide humor, but fictional stories about real stories are off-topic.)

    How this will work: [This section will be altered over the first few weeks, and may be eliminated, eventually.]
    * Initially, only Goons, Mods, Admins and Forum Leaders/Organizers will be permitted to *start* threads in this forum.
    * We may move other threads from other forums here that meet the criteria for "Value Added News Discussion"
    * TheCotMan will be posting threads here to provide examples over the first few weeks.
    * At some point in time, the ability to post new threads will be extended to other users.

    Occasionally, we will close old threads that have not had much recent activity.
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