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    Well I was hanging out at the local BN browsing the magazines when I out of the corner of my eye I felt like someone was staring at me. So I turn around and see the face of man with a grimace and a pipe... I had flashbacks and quickly linked the image to skroo's avatar
    ... I had no clue who he was or represented, so I walked over and noticed it was in the gaming walkthrough manuals.. but it didn't look like a gaming book... so I picked it up and thumbed through it... it is called REVELATION X THE "BOB" APOCRYPHON HIDDEN TEACHINGS AND DEUTEROCANONICAL TEXTS OF J.R. "BOB" DOBBS "Who is worthy to open The Book, and break the seals thereof?" Translated by
    The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
    ... This book is something else indeed. The book appeared very used as if a lot of people had read through it, and after picking it up and reading some, and putting it back down, and picking it back up... I finally decided to put down the 14.95$USD for it and take it home... I have only read a few pages... but this book is great...

    I just wanted to thank skroo for this weird chain reaction... I thought it could have been a random avatar, but I looked around the avatar's to choose from and couldn't find BOB anywhere...

    For anyone else interested here is the site:
    Enter at your own risk

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    If you can find a copy, I highly recommend picking up 'Bob's Favorite Comics', Issue #1. No, I am not a comic collector, but I did buy this one many years ago when I saw it - and it's a fucking hoot. The old IBFT file CareDog meets PeeBear just isn't the same without the illustrations.

    The avatar is a perversion of the some random .gif I picked up from the SubGenius website. As for converting the masses to 'Bob', I'm more than happy to do it, or at least be the catalyst for said conversion.

    Incidentally, I am living proof of what happens when ten-year-olds are handed SubGenius tracts.
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      skroo said:I am living proof of what happens when ten-year-olds are handed SubGenius tracts.
      Hail Bob and the Stark Fist of Removal!

      --wetw3rx admits to having ascii print of same BOB picture in home office for last 12 years
      Life is white,
      and I am black.
      Jesus and his lawyer
      are coming back.


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        I'm also a member. Although, I havent paid my dues in a while, but hey, I'll get around to it. After all, thats what slack is all about.
        I'm the official Pope of Orange County, even though I dont live there anymore..

        I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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          I knew you were the Pope Of Outer Placentia...POOP....