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Long arm of law reaches into World of Warcraft

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    Re: Long arm of law reaches into World of Warcraft

    Originally posted by Thorn View Post
    From what you have said thus far, I infer that you want to compartmentalize the information, prevent its release to the authorities and others unless you think it's OK, and have other people be responsible for information you released. Please correct that impression if I'm wrong.
    I don't agree with companies breaking any laws. I just think they need to prevent the release of information until all avenues are exhausted or it becomes unfeasible to do so. Not just from the authorities, but from other third parties as well.

    I also think it's tough to say what information is OK and what is not, and who it is ok the give it to and who is not ok. Who would decide what is ok? One person's ok may not be another person's version of ok. In this case I think all information should be protected. I think this relates quite well to hacking, and not just black hat hacking. It doesn't just have to be as wild as getting a drug dealer off the streets. It could be as simple as: A hacker may buy hardware for personal use (and may be breaking the terms of service just by opening the box, but that's another debate.) Should the information of the purchase of the hardware be sold to other hardware manufacturers to solicit the hacker with ads? I don't think so.

    It's just hard to say when it stops. When is it ok to give information out and when is it not? I think it's better to fail safe and not give anything out unless you are forced to.

    I agree with you in that I think there is some personal responsibility to keep your own information private. I just disagree in that a person is solely responsible for the privacy of their information. Some of the responsibility lies within the company that records and keeps that information.


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      Re: Long arm of law reaches into World of Warcraft

      Going back to renderman's post way down there, I think companies should not collect a lot of this information in the first place.
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