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Wall of Sheep improvement ideas

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  • Wall of Sheep improvement ideas

    1. List of all different programs/service/host/url/port/whatever that has been captured where authentication bits have been stolen, with counts of unique credentials captured. This would allow people to know about most commonly used insecure authentication (at the con).
    2. Show this information in real time on the website used @ the con.
    3. Cross reference the list of passwords found to common dictionary/other common word lists. Report on how many was found in the dictionary. Also, how many passwords were less than 8 characters, and other bad practices.
    4. Provide a post con wrap up of wall of sheep findings.
    5. Notify users (where username may = email for instance), program authors, website owners, etc... That they are using insecure authentication methods.
    6. Keep these records from year to year to see if #5 made any difference. Eventually provide a graph (for example) of pop3 logins over the years. It would be cool if some kind of records were kept from when wall of sheep started (8? years ago) to provide even more history. Or maybe a new analysis of kept network dumps could provide this.

    What do you all think? Have any other ideas?

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    Re: Wall of Sheep improvement ideas

    Free wifi cards!
    --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?