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  • Hacker Jeopardy team registration

    Hacker Jeopardy team registration

    From GMark: Here is the ONLY way we will accept HJ team registrations -- please follow these simple directions...

    Send an e-mail to hackerjeopardy (at) gmail dot com with:

    - Team Name
    - Exactly three team members
    -- handle for each
    -- e-mail for each
    -- real name for each (we will protect)
    - at least one cellphone number for contact at the Con

    Deadline is 6:00 p.m. Vegas time day of the competition (Fri or Sat).

    From Winn: NO STUPIDS - over the years HJ has been getting tougher and tougher (so I am told) so, if you just wanna get drunk on stage... fine... but be smart, too, eh?

    Winn and GMark
    Check out the HACKER JEOPARDY forum at

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    Re: Hacker Jeopardy team registration

    Okay, here are the team registrations I've received to date:

    1. What is South America?
    2. Suck it Winn ... Now

    and I've also won $18M if I just send my bank account information to Namibia.

    Please use the e-mail registration -- hacker jeopardy (at) gmail (d0t) com.

    - G. Mark
    Check out the HACKER JEOPARDY forum at


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      Re: Hacker Jeopardy team registration

      Send it, that prince from "insert African country" is a great lawyer and he is on the level :(

      anywho, I'm trying to get more details, don't know if I'll have time this year but I defiantly want to drop by and watch the festivities.
      Originally posted by Ellen
      Do I wish we could all be like hexjunkie? Heck yes I do. :) That would rock.