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  • Meeting Considerations

    Meeting Location
    I have yet to make a decision regarding an official meeting location. As membership has grown I’ve been noting the geographic location of those interested in attending. I’ve seen a significant amount of interest from the La Grange area but I don’t want to exclude the Louisville Metro area. Please let me know if you have a suggestion.

    Call For Papers
    Several people have noted an interest in the Android operating system and I’m looking forward to reviewing presentation ideas. I encourage the involvement of everyone in the group. If you have presentation ideas please leave a comment or email me with your proposal.

    Art Contest
    Design the official logo, website header and/or t-shirt. Each entry will be displayed on the website and members will be given the opportunity to vote. We also need a flyer design that can be distributed around the community.

    A copy of this message has been posted to the website and comments have been enabled. Please feel free to engage in discussion. If you have ideas for the group we would love to hear them!