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oCTF: The final "thank you" thread.

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  • oCTF: The final "thank you" thread.

    Since the other 2 threads where locked up to secure the announcement we made, I just wanted to start a new thread to say a few things I forgot.

    Mainly to thank people outside our immediate group who have been instrumental in the success of oCTF.

    Overdose from Thank you for your years of support, our prize packs would be all but empty if it weren't for you, and your massive donations to help supply prizes for the contestants.

    Int 80 of Dual Core ( Along with Overdose, you have been an amazing help to us in providing not only TONS of prizes for our contestants, but providing spur of the moment wordsmithing in the contest area. I thank you sir.

    The rest of the venders, you may not know my name, but you always remember that dude from oCTF who collects prizes. Thank you for providing great prizes over the years.

    DJs Strom Carlson and Jackalope: Thank you so much for playing at our contest, we had a lot of fun having you.

    23b and the Mobile Club: Thanks for parking the club at the contest for the last few years, the contestants that got emphysema from the fog machine thank you too.

    Brawndo: Thanks for providing a product that brings such a wide array of responses. From disgust to diabetes.

    Contest Goons; Russ, Pyro: Thank you guys for working with us over the years, you have been fantastic. Good luck this year Pyro.

    L0st: Every year we spend all of Thursday night setting up the contest, and every year the only other person in the contest room is L0st, setting up Mystery Box. Thank you sir, for making store runs when we needed stuff, providing whatever you could to assist, even when it was just moral support.

    The Contestants: Last but not least, you guys are why we did this, to provide a place to gather, learn, hack some shit, get some shit hacked (:P), and most importantly, to have a fucking good time.

    And to everyone else that supported, helped, assisted, or promoted the contest, thank you guys.

    From everyone at DC-949.
    DefCon, Thank you.

    I would prefer this thread not be moved to the oCTF sub-forum, I want to give The Tube Warriors the attention they deserve in their new sub-forum.

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    Re: oCTF: The final "thank you" thread.

    C-P: thank you, It has been a pleasure to be a part of oCTF where I can help. It has been a lot of fun and is a bit sad see ya leave that arena, but excited it will not die. My hats to DC-949 and Tube Warriors if it weren't for ya'll people wouldn't have as much fun. So to all those listed above Thank you for your support of oCTF and here's to the next 5 years.



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      Re: oCTF: The final "thank you" thread.

      Even though I only got to help out one year, the experience I got was unbelievable! Driving 90+ to Vegas with the DC-949 Vending Machine in the back of my truck was EPIC! Thanks again too all those who helped out and thanks to DC949 for running such a great event!

      May the Drinking Commence!



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        Re: oCTF: The final "thank you" thread.

        You guys so rock. I will be sad to be the only person there all night this time around ;)

        For those who don't know, oCTF is what CTF should be- it's not just who does the best RE, but it is the wild west; an open network where anything can happen.

        Who else would the true hackers be, other than those who are up all night, when others have gone, in pursuit of a goal? I can't tell you the number of times the oCTF guys were the ONLY other people in the contest area, late into the night (with the Mystery Challenge people)- tenaciously seeking to accomplish a goal...

        I will definitely miss the 949 :(



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          Re: oCTF: The final "thank you" thread.

          Originally posted by LosT View Post
          I will definitely miss the 949 :(
          Why? Were not going away. We will be at DefCon in full force this year, in more ways than one.

          Edit* also, Thanks. We made a good team. of contests. or something. I have a surprise for you at defcon btw.


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            Re: oCTF: The final "thank you" thread.

            oCTF is dead, long live the new oCTF!

            I always love the energy in the oCTF area, last year DualCore threw down as I was hanging out. How cool is that to have live nerdcore while over caffeinated and watching a swarm of hackers work it. Very cool.
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