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  • Dance Dance Revolution

    Hey, anyone here play DDR?
    It would be cool to get a bunch of DC people together to go to the Gameworks.

    Of course DDR might be a little too much physical activity for most people here..... ;)

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    Re: Dance Dance Revolution

    Originally posted by Base-0
    Of course DDR might be a little too much physical activity for most people here..... ;)
    Yeah I think they have a weight limit, which I didn't know about.. and I had too much beer... and I broke it, and I got kicked out.. all the kids boo'ed me... because i am fat, and I broke their game.


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      What physical activity???????

      I'm not sure what that is, I consider typing and drinking to be an active sport as is...
      There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

      - Henry David Thoreau


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        Physical Activity!?!? I get tired holding my own head up.
        .: Grifter :.


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          i tried that once and i got like one thing correct. it was fun as hell, and so was telling everybody who was laughing at me to shut the fuck up.


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            ... though I wouldn't mind hiring some silicon filled ladies with white cotton t-shirts to bounce around like madwomen... we could all gather around and cool them down with ice cold pitchers of water... after that we can put them on a oiled tarp and let them wrestle each others tshirts off... :)

            I'd buy that for a dollar! :)


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              <( o _ O )>


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                Strap one on and lay in the pool with your inflatible chick just under the waterline, that oughta freak out some folks. Make sure to buy her a $75 badge.


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                  Originally posted by astcell
                  that oughta freak out some folks
                  you are freaking me out with your devil-speak.


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                    Funny you should mention phone number ends in 666, sure makes for some interesting comments. :p