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  • Is DC717 Active?

    I sent Shadow(group leader) an email, but I thought I would post here, since that information is old and I can't seem to find a website at all. Can anyone point me to a website, or schedule for the group,and whether it is still active? If not, maybe a new group in the York area?(where I live of course...)

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    Re: Is DC717 Active?

    I did the same last year and he gave me some info that he was setting up a website and wanted to setup meetings but then he fell off the face of the earth. I'm in the 717 and up for getting things going. Let me know if you hear from him at all. As far as I know there is nothing in this area yet.
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      Re: Is DC717 Active?

      Nope, I didn't hear from him, and neither has any other person I've come in contact with. I myself don't know much about hacking, and was hoping to learn by attending DC717 if it was active. I am going to Def-Con the first time this summer, and joined a OCTF group. But other than that, I can program in Javascript, and HTML enough to keep up a decent website and would be willing to schedule and keep track of emails/signups. We would need enough people for the first meetup, so it probably won't be till June or the end of May. The place to meet for now might be the York Emporium . It is a local(for me) book store with huge space, free wifi, and people willing enough to support hacking. They don't have a projector or computers, but they have the space, parking, and wi-fi.

      For now I'll ask to get the name and listings changed.

      Edit: Looks like I gotta go to college, so I will email the DCgroup email when I get back at 7 pm, (or around 5-6 hours from now.)
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        Re: Is DC717 Active?

        I'm a jack of all trades master of none kind of guy. I'm in Lancaster so driving to york isn't too bad. I'm willing to do some talks or proof of concept stuff. Shoot me a PM or hit me up on
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          Re: Is DC717 Active?

          Hey, another Lancastrian. Do you drive a black or grey buggy?
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            Re: Is DC717 Active?

            Lol... maybe he has one of those yellow ones. But yeah, Lancaster to York is still closer than Lancaster to Harrisburg. I actually live in Dover, PA home of Intelligent Design, so Harrisburg is about twice as far from me as York. However, York is also closer for you, and I don't know any good places for a meetup in Harrisburg that would be free and easy access. Plus Harrisburg is a little too crowded for my liking. So let me get some work done on my PC and I will email for a request for a new group.
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              Re: Is DC717 Active?

              Sweet, I got a reply from The York Emporium and he agreed. He just wants to know when we will hold it, etc... Actually let me just copy and paste the whole thing.


              We can do this. I'm certainly open to hosting a regular gathering. What do you have in mind? An evening? A Sunday afternoon?

              If evening: we could do any Thursday, or the 2nd Wednesday of the month. If Sunday afternoon, we could do just about any of them.

              Let me know what you're thinking, how many may show, etc., etc......

              Jim Lewin
              The York Emporium
              343 West Market Street
              York, PA 17401
              So it will probably be Sundays, once a month until things get going. Reply today, as I am hoping to get back to him soon.

              Edit: Here's a super quick site I made... Like super super quick just to have one listed under our group name.
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                Re: Is DC717 Active?

                No buggy here. I have driven one tho in my life, does that count?
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                  Re: Is DC717 Active?

                  Here is what I sent him, as I thought you would probably be able to make the weekends, but at the time I didn't know you could only make it once a month.

                  I talked to the two that I have attending so far, and Sunday afternoons sound great(one is a security consultant with 10 years experience willing to give a talk/presentation).In total I am guessing around 10 people will show up on the very first meet up, and more later. You already know what the meetings are about, but we might have to bring in extension cords for laptops or electronics(soldering iron? oscilloscope? we could always use breadboards....). It would probably take place on the 2nd and 4th weekend each month. I will be working on an image to advertise the meet up, which will probably start in May when I get more people. Lastly, do you have any specific dimensions for an image if it will go on the site? -Tom

                  My Contact info you can put on the site or for your own use is:

                  Name: Thomas Boyer
                  Address: 4424 Sherwood Dr. Dover, PA 17315
                  Home Phone: (717)292-9741
                  Cell Phone: (717)891-2404
                  - Calling me after 5pm is ideal.
                  Site: I am still making a site. I made a makeshift one using blogspot for now.

                  P.S. Sorry about the late reply, I was trying to get replies from the two people attending first.