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Defcon 18 Contest Information Request (copy)

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  • Defcon 18 Contest Information Request (copy)

    Good Morning Folks,
    Defcon 18 is just around the corner and we need to start gathering data from all of you who are organizing a contest/event. To ensure that you will have a space and necessary resources we need you to answer a few questions for us. Please be sure to read and answer the following questions thoroughly. Once completed, please send them to me at the email address listed at the bottom of this message.

    If you have any questions let me know!

    Pyr0 (AT) defcon (dot) org

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    Re: Defcon 18 Contest Information Request

    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to Defcon 20`0! Defcon 18 promises some changes for the contest and events area. This year we will see a few "changing of the guards" (OCFT) and several new events that should keep things fresh. We (the contest staff) want to thank you for all of your efforts to help make Defcon a success.

    There have been some changes in the Defcon contest staff this year and once we get everyone confirmed we will announce your contest goons! (No I don't need anymore goons but thanks for asking :)

    I’ll make introductions at the precon meeting with the contest/event POCs. It is important that you plan your travel around this meeting. I will announce the formal time and location in a separate post in May.


    1. We’re going to be in the same contest space as last year. I expect to have a few more events in the same space this year, so I’m going to need your space requests as soon as possible so I can plan appropriately. I’ll try to accommodate all requests, but please be patient and understand that I’m trying to work within the confines of the space provided, along with hotel restrictions.

    2. As with previous years, there will be changes in which contests get a black badge. Please don’t advertise that you’re getting one to hand out until I’ve given you the confirmation. Contests that have not been updated are likely candidates to lose their black badge status. Contests that are very popular and get the most attention are good candidates to receive a black badge. Short term contests have lesser chance of a black badge as well.

    3. We will have a pre-con contest meeting for ALL event POCs. In order to accommodate you being allowed early access to the contest area, I will need the name of 1-2 people, along with a clear digital picture (roughly 100x100dpi) that I can give to hotel security. Otherwise you’re going to have issues getting in.

    4. Please fill out this entire form. I need to have this information. If there are other requests, favors, comments, etc, that you need to let me in on, please do that when you submit your form.

    5. Please make provisions to bring your own prizes this year. As always, I’ll do my best to dig up something, but I make no guarantees. It’s best to come prepared so no one is disappointed.

    6. At this time, Defcon does not provide free badges for contest POCs. Plan to buy a badge if your coming and if something changes I'll let you know.

    7. The Contest Description, name, and POC name will all be included in the Defcon program, so please ensure it’s how you like it. If you don’t get me your information in plenty of time, you will not be included in the program. And that would just be sad.

    9. Please be aware that the links to your contests on the Defcon website are currently pointed directly at any current Defcon forum threads for your contest. If you would like that changed to your official contest website instead, let me know the URL and the fact that you want it changed, in the OTHER section below, and we’ll get it updated for you.

    10. It is suggested that you create and bring signage for your contest. You can attach them to your table or set them up on an easel. You may NOT put anything on the conference area walls. We have had some luck in the past getting the hotel to concede to some signs on the wall, but PLEASE do not plan on this. I’d hate for you to be disappointed. ;-)

    11. You are NOT allowed to sell ANYTHING at your tables. Period. If you want to sell something, I recommend you contact the vendor goons for information on the vendor area, or speak with an already approved vendor to share space.

    12. You will, as always, be asked to provide continuous updates about your contest to the information booth based on forms to be provided to you at the Pre-Con meeting. The time of the Pre-Con meeting is currently TBD.

    13. As a reminder you will need to find me (Pyr0) and provide me with a final score and final update on your contest NO LATER THAN 3pm on Sunday afternoon. We need it written or typed on a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper please. It’s become impossible to keep up with the scores and status of all the contest and events at Defcon simple because there are so many. These final scores and updates will also be what show up on the Defcon website at the end of the conference. So ensure it says what you want it to say.

    Request for Data:
    1. Contest Name:

    2. Contest Description:

    3. Contest Website:

    4. Do you have a contest logo? If so, please attach it.

    5. Contest POC(s):

    6. POC(s) email address(es):

    7. POC contact cell #:

    8. Days and Hours of operation:

    9. Do you need power?:

    10. How many tables are you requesting?:

    11. How many chairs?:

    12. Do you need WIRED access to Defcon networks?:
    1. How many drops?
    2. Copper or fiber? (NOTE: Fiber may not be available):

    13. Are you planning on having your own wireless network:
    1. If so, Provide your hardware address and AP brand:

    14. Will someone be available for closing ceremonies?:
    1. Who?

    15. What are your space requirements? (i.e. by a door, near a wall, in a corner, etc):

    16. Will someone be manning your contest table the entire time the contest area is open?:

    17. Can you/Will you use the stage and microphone in the contest area to make announcements?:

    18. What are your expected number of participants?:

    OTHER: (Please put any other pertinent information here, such as a need for trash cans, small farm animals, etc):

    PLEASE C&P this into a plain text document and email the completed form to me at:
    Pyr0 (at) defcon (dot) org

    No I will not open your pdf's, doc's, etc. - I don't trust you and your fancy, p0wnable, formats. If you don't send it to me in a plain txt doc then no soup for you.


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      Re: Defcon 18 Contest Information Request (copy)

      This is a copy of the original thread. Go to the original thread if you need to reply as this one is closed.