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NY Daily News - MTA Key thing gets worse

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  • NY Daily News - MTA Key thing gets worse

    Most of you have heard that the MTA in NYC has a problem with people obtaining copies of master keys to bypass fare collection.

    Well, what most people, particularly the reporter in the photograph accompanying the articles is that there's probably enough detail in the photo to make your own key by simply decoding the bitting.

    Wrote up a report here:

    Note to people everywhere, if it's a key critical to security, don't post pictures of it on the Internet!
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    Re: NY Daily News - MTA Key thing gets worse

    Wow, the guy even puts it up in front of a black background to outline it even better.
    Nice catch Render.
    Where's the dedication?


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      Re: NY Daily News - MTA Key thing gets worse

      Absolutely mind boggling the stupidity of the mass media sometimes. Like you said, if that is in fact the actual key, the article pointing it out as a problem only serves to exacerbate the issue at hand. It's another case of everything being about hyping up the story and showing the masses just how easy it is for someone to break the law, while unknowingly providing the information needed to do so from the comfort of one's garage. Next on the 5'oclock news, a perfectly good recipe for a dirty bomb, stay tuned.
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