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  • Project vend 2.0

    *note, if the "ideas" thread is still active then i couldn't find it, sorry*

    So last year, DC949 brought a vending machine filled with Brando to con and stuck it in the contest area next to the oCTF table. The Riviera SS didn't shut us down because we worked out a deal where as long as the money in the machine was a "donation" and we weren't actually "selling" beverages then we didn't have to worry about permits or cork fees. In the end we ended up sticking a "donate to the EFF" sign on the front and handing them a few hundred bucks by the end of the con, we didn't have any issues with the Riv, and all in all it worked out rather well.

    Which brings me to my idea proposal...

    What if there were a wall at con that was nothing but vending machines?

    All set to "free mode" and each one representing a different cause (eff, a hackerspace, the hacker foundation, i hack charities, etc...). I figure the goons could section off the wall in question, and any eligible group could bring a vending machine, fill it with a non alcoholic beverage they feel will draw the most donations and let it sit on the epic wall of thirst crushing devices to do its thing.

    Feasible? Bad idea? Legal mine field? Bat shit retarded? ... consider this RFC officially posted!

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    Re: Project vend 2.0

    I think it would be interesting to have different models of vending machines, vending machines open for hacking, or modified machines you can see the internals of.
    It's not stupid, it's advanced.