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DEF CON 18 Artwork Contest Rules!

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  • DEF CON 18 Artwork Contest Rules!

    It’s time again my creative friends, for another year of the DEF CON Artwork Contest! Get out your GIMP or Windows Movie maker and give a shot at making some awesome DEF CON Artwork!

    This year we’re putting the art contest back in the digital realm. There will be three types of entries, none of which are the standard shirt, sticker, poster designs of the past. This time around we want you to think about themes, desktop wallpapers and animation/motion graphics. You may draw inspiration from past DEF CON art or go in a whole new direction.

Create a DEF CON or DEF CON 18 theme for a browser or operating system. These could include, but are not limited to, Windows 7, Google Chrome or a Firefox Persona. The theme can be for DEF CON in general or specifically for DEF CON 18. Pay special attention to making things readable/usable, but be creative.

    You must include Screen Shots of the theme in action, as well as the files or a link to where it can be downloaded/installed.

    Note: Try to keep it somewhat in the realm of testable, we’re not going to have 20 different Clean VMs of obscure OS’s running to test these things. Oh and hidden malware == bad form. We will disqualify you and tell everybody what a jerk you are.

    Desktop Wallpapers:
Create a Desktop wallpaper for DEF CON 18. Must be at least 1920px wide in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio and .jpg or .png format.

    Animation/Motion Graphics:
Create a 5-20 second animation that would work for the intro to the DEFCON 18 Presentation Videos. You may use any animation or video program to create it, but it must end up in Quicktime MOV or h.264 .m4v format at 1080p in 16:9 aspect ratio. Include a screen cap that best represents your intro and would make people want to watch it. IF we see one we can’t live without, it may end up as the intro to the DEF CON 18 Archive Videos!

    Animation entries must include the following information:

    DEF CON 18
    July 30 – Aug 1, 2010
    Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas


    Entries will be judged together this year, and there will be 1st through 3rd and people’s choice winners.

    1st Place: Two(2) free admissions to DEF CON 18, and a $200 credit at the DEF CON Swag booth.

    2nd Place: One(1) free admission to DEF CON 18, and a $100 credit at the DEF CON Swag booth.

    3rd Place: One(1) free admission to DEF CON 18, and a $50 credit at the DEF CON Swag booth.

    People’s Choice: Free admission to DEF CON 18, and a $25 credit to the DEF CON Swag Booth.

    Other RULES:

    IMPORTANT! Submissions not fitting these criteria will be subject to rejection and possible ridicule. By submitting, you grant DEF CON the right to reproduce your artwork with reasonable attribution in any way we see fit without compensation. We reserve the right not to choose a winner in any/all categories.

    Any technique or medium may be used, as long as the final submission is in the category’s specified digital format. If you use stock photos, art, etc., make sure it is either public domain or that you own the rights to it. Unless otherwise specified in the category, the design must include the text:

    DEF CON (or DEF CON 18)
    Las Vegas

    Submission Deadline:
    All submissions must be received by June 15, 2010
    Submit entries to: neil [at] defcon dot org
    Submission info to include: Real name (your identity must be verifiable to collect a prize) and desired nick/handle if any; and a title and description of your piece.

    Dimensions and Specs:
    All entries must be within size parameters listed above. Delivery is the responsibility of the entrant, if the entry is too large to email you may post it online for download.

    Thanks, and good luck!