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An Invitation to participate in Mystery Challenge

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  • An Invitation to participate in Mystery Challenge

    Open Invitation

    At this point, official registration for the Mystery Challenge has begun.

    The contest is open to anyone who would like to play.

    Although registration is not straight-forward (it's supposed to be a fun part of the game)- it is not the only means of playing.


    If you would like to play, but are unsure of yourself, consider this a new opportunity to network, meet some people, and have a new level of fun at Defcon. I suggest people who might not otherwise know each other work together. This has always happened to some extent every year with Mystery Challenge, and is probably the best thing to come out of the competition.

    Some teams are small, and may be directly open to new members.

    Other teams have been collections of individuals who want to play, but don't have a team at all.

    How to connect:

    There are threads here in the Mystery Challenge forum that facilitate meeting each other (official Mystery Challenge site) is a place to see those currently playing (when/if they post in public)

    #MysteryChallenge on EFnet

    (I would also encourage teams that are open/available for new members to make it known-)

    I hope to give the Mystery Challenge the send-off it deserves, in this the final year (in this incarnation anyway).


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    Re: An Invitation to participate in Mystery Challenge

    Still a few slots open...