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  • Traveling Terabyte

    I understand the law is the law, but f'ing really.

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should. This applies to making babies, hacking, and youtube videos.

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    Re: Traveling Terabyte

    I just died a little.

    I will continue to donate to the TTB project until such time as there is a better medium.
    Originally posted by Ellen
    Do I wish we could all be like hexjunkie? Heck yes I do. :) That would rock.


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      Re: Traveling Terabyte


      I never knew the MPAA was actually after us for wanting to watch their products.
      Saving the world one computer at a time...

      or possibly destroying, I haven't figured that out yet.


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        Re: Traveling Terabyte

        When I was in Tajikistan there were pirated DVD shops all over the place. Some DVDs were $1, some were $10. They charged $10 so you felt it must be legitimate so you feel good buying it, but it is a pirated DVD just the same. Many of those countries do not recognize copyright law. American soldiers are subject to US law anywhere in the world, but what do you do when the country has no legitimate movies to buy?

        In this case, the BEST option is the TTB. Think about it. If soldiers ONLY watched movies from the TTB's out there, and we know the TTB's are backed up by unwatched DVDs in the homes of Americans in the USA who bought the movies legally, then we can argue that the movie on the TTB is a legitimate backup under US law.

        Who is to say that foreign movies are not spyware or trojans or other stuff? Why not install such files that soldiers will put on their personal laptops and then information can be stolen when they hit a hotspot, which can be when they are on leave? Until then the malware can remain dormant and ready to do its job. It can include a keylogger for everything that was typed.

        How about anyone donating to the TTB project:
        - give the DVD to DO who can lock it up for licensing purposes.
        - buy a movie that they can get from iTunes or other place and send it to DO.
        - Affirm in writing that they own the original DVD and it will remain an unwatched backup while on the TTB.

        No movies are duplicated on the TTB. If you have 5 TTBs and the same movie appears on each you need 5 licenses/DVDs/Afirmations on file.

        The RIAA can actually HELP here. We can ask what they need for licensing verification and for them to be happy, we can assure CENTCOM that no viruses will go out in the movies (and I have seen plenty!), we can even ask walmart or local video places to donate movies for the troops and they can go on the TTB.

        Don't forget stuff that has fallen out of copyright. I saw Moby Dick while deployed and it was great.

        This really makes me want to take my 400+ DVD collection and starting burning backup copies for the TTB!


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          Re: Traveling Terabyte

          Confrence calls between lochhead and apple has produce the iMP5. If it detects non-DRM mp3s loaded into your gun, it seizes up.


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            Re: Traveling Terabyte

            Wait a sec... bittorrent over a sat link or low speed line?

            I'd imagine a very pissed off network admin (and a bunch of other people) would hunt you down and put a bullet in your head.


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              Re: Traveling Terabyte

              Shouldn't they be a bit more focused on all the kids in America.....