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  • Hints?

    Anyone need hints ?

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    Re: Hints?

    Naaaaaah. Doing just fine.


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      Re: Hints?

      The "title" is the greatest hint.

      Consider what it could mean. Don't hold to your paradigms.

      Cut away, shave with Occam's razor....


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        Re: Hints?

        With every city
        a code is associated
        just don't phreak out about it

        (just a tidbit, didn't say what actual checksum is ;)
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          Re: Hints?

          Doing Nicely?

          So how are we doing?

          Find my friend al-a-robo-death on that lame-ass social networking site yet? Good.

          Decipher his "message" yet? Follow the directions there? Good.

          Get a response? Find his notes interesting? Good.

          All this talk of odd & even. Just strike that. (Or at least half of it.) <>

          What's in a name? Everything. All the little letters, sitting there, in a nice little row...from the first to the last....

          Phone calls to the booth in the desert. Fun.

          I love numbers.

          But I have a favorite, don't you know...


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            Re: Hints?



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              Re: Hints?

              Is that in reference to the K.I.S.S. principle? ;)


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                Re: Hints?

                Random thoughts for today....

                So Don Lockwood sang to us about ONE letter. Remember when they placed the picture on that stuff old guy's lap, after throwing trash on him? Yeah that was pretty funny.

                I'm glad I could keep my Phoenix area code when I switched to the new phone. I hate it when you have to change business cards, etc. A real pain.

                Would you buy something labeled as "kosher bacon"?

                Take a breath, step back, and look at what you have...

                Some things never change.



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                  Re: Hints?

                  LosT^> Lets do a group brainstorm....
                  <LosT^> First, our title:
                  <voltspik> flirzan: It _must_ be slow if a fan would describe Stephenson as "long in the tooth". ;-)
                  <LosT^> "Can you read between the lines"
                  <ray6> Title is Title on YT
                  <Yen> not "Can you read between the bad lines", eh
                  <PunkAB> Do I get to play?
                  <LosT^> There were also several other hints about "every other week" etc...
                  <LosT^> Ok...
                  <ray6> Week is confusing as there also were day hints...
                  <LosT^> I assume everyone has the Phoenix phone reference
                  <LosT^> ray,
                  <LosT^> you are too literal
                  <LosT^> it's the concepts
                  <Yen> and the area code intended is most likely 602
                  <ray6> just "every other"
                  <ray6> ok
                  <LosT^> It is very easy to mislead,
                  <LosT^> and those who have played know
                  <LosT^> the concepts are important,
                  <LosT^> and only sometimes are the details important ;)
                  <LosT^> ;)
                  <flirzan> only SUM
                  <voltspik> SUM TIMES
                  <ray6> that's what I say for days. more than SUM was never said in math terms. OK. And multiply :)
                  <LosT^> I use misspellings and word play often
                  <LosT^> Yen, if you have that,
                  <LosT^> then you have enough to solve easy way 1
                  <LosT^> It is very explicit you are looking at titles on you tube....
                  <Yen> 'that'...the area code?
                  <LosT^> and sums...
                  <LosT^> ;)
                  <ray6> and YT titles I assume...
                  <flirzan> first and foremost, you should pay attention to LosT
                  <LosT^> But I say too much ;)
                  <LosT^> You have pieces in your hands....
                  <LosT^> And I don't ALWAYS use a zero offset ;)


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                    Re: Hints?

                    Wild thing, you make my heart sing...


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                      Re: Hints?

                      No hints. . . . . they don't have the special star. no hints without the special star.

                      Originally posted by LosT View Post
                      Anyone need hints ?


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                        Re: Hints?

                        Originally posted by Pyr0 View Post
                        No hints. . . . . they don't have the special star. no hints without the special star.
                        Here's my hint since someone gave me the special star: the band-gap energy on this problem is really high. Sometimes when untangling the cable it helps to start at the end and work your way back (to really mix metaphors).

                        (Full disclosure: Nobody has confirmed that I actually know the solution to the riddle, but I'm really confident that I have the right of it.)


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                          Re: Hints?

                          LosT^> Everyone take a deep breath...
                          <krux> ray6: define contains....
                          <L34h_> Hi there!
                          <ray6> krux: I use 204 in the process. It's the fix
                          <ace1> well hello lost :)
                          <PunkAB> Can I exhale yet?
                          * Yen is watching LOST
                          <ray6> it somehow violates the almost - but not really. So, impossible to say if it's right
                          <krux> PunkAB: only on odd numbered seconds
                          <ray6> I was watching LOST an hour ago
                          <LosT^> Step 1. Derive number (somehow)
                          <LosT^> Step 2. Fix (per instructions)
                          <LosT^> Step 3. ????
                          <LosT^> Step 4. Profit
                          <ray6> check some


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                            Re: Hints?

                            LosT^> the point was not to over complicate
                            <ace1> cool :)
                            <ray6> Lost: ?!
                            <LosT^> admittedly, are the steps now pretty obvious/straightforward?
                            <bob_ross_> flirzan: to answer your earlier question.. our team didn't get past the cards.. I think we recorded the order wrong and got them all messed up
                            <LosT^> ray6, the first thing you need to do is verify what to "cut out" of the instruction set....that (hopefully) you can get from the original post plus the hints
                            <LosT^> Once you have "clean" instructions,
                            <ray6> LosT: I think we are at the right path there
                            <ray6> it all works out :)
                            <LosT^> you "do something" to get a number
                            <flirzan> bob: that sucks
                            <LosT^> then you "fix" said number
                            <LosT^> AND
                            <ray6> ?msg LosT^ I am fixing XXXXXXXXXX currently
                            <ray6> OOPS 5-)
                            <LosT^> you have a means to check if your answer is correct.


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                              Re: Hints?

                              The "SIMPLE" way to fix something- the fewest steps to correct...adding, flipping, taking away...just the pieces anyways...

                              And with a checksum, you know if you picked the right path...