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  • Registration Check In

    So when we last left our fearless heroes and heroins,

    They were searching for someone in cyberspace.

    After he was found, he sent them messages.

    The last message seemed odd…

    And there we stand…

    Are you good enough to play? I’ll bet you are!

    Come have fun with us…

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    Re: Registration Check In

    LosT^> I always know when I'm LosT
    <LosT^> I will drop a major hint:
    <LosT^> There are TWO means to getting the solution
    <LosT^> one is easier than the other :)
    <ray6> oh thanks! I was trying the difficult one again...
    <LosT^> BTW,
    <LosT^> I *TOLD* you what movies were of interest...
    <LosT^> If you know how to read (not meant as an insult)
    <ray6> Yes, I guess we all realized that :)
    <ray6> (...that movies are of interest... not that we should be able to read. That's new!)
    <LosT^> Oh, and HACK THE PLANET (sorry, watching Hackers again)
    <jaku> best movie evar
    <LosT^> And keep in mind, I DON"T ALWAYS TYPE IN CAPS


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      Re: Registration Check In

      Morning hint:

      (OR IGNORE)


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        Re: Registration Check In

        Hints from above,
        and things that you seek-
        Together will tell
        if you get registered this week.

        LosT loves numbers,
        and fun little games-
        although answers may vary,
        some things never change.

        Not meant to discourage,
        but provide new friends and fun-
        Once you get registered…
        wait, the contest’s already begun?

        Keeping score late at night,
        LosT watches them play-
        The more teams you get registered,
        the better the pay.

        So make some new friends for now,
        you can fight with them later-
        Defcon’s here soon,
        kudos to the baiter.


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          Re: Registration Check In

          There are still a few seats open ....

          But they're going fast.
          Last edited by LosT; May 22, 2010, 07:39.


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            Re: Registration Check In

            Registration closing SOON.

            If still interested, or working on registration, please make intentions known ASAP.


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              Re: Registration Check In

              Down to hours...