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Dave and Buster's Friday July 12th 2002

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  • Dave and Buster's Friday July 12th 2002

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    Meet Announcement

    When: July 12th 2002 ~3pm
    Where: Dave and Buster's at the Block at Orange

    Why: Hang out, eat, play games, get to know each other, etc...

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    Re: Dave and Buster's Friday July 12th 2002

    As your attorney I advise those of you from the area who are going on the caravan to show up... But I must say 3pm is a little early, is it not? Some of us [like me] have work [until six].


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      Work until 6 on a FRIDAY? Egads man, you need professional help. :) I guess it'd be 6pm to 1am? Maybe settle for 3pm to 10pm? :)


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        OK, if it's running 'til 10 that's more doable. Also, if this is going to be the pre-meet for the caravan as Boog suggested, we really should have a set time and location in D&B's to do it so that everyone's not spread out all over the place playing video games. Suggestions? 8pm at the bar?


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          I will be flying this year, but I drove the last 2 years and have plenty of thoughts for the newbies. I just wanna meet some folks that can talk in my tongue. My next door neighbor only talks about different breeds of squirrels. Ugh.


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            Ok, we have a bit of a problem.
            There are basically three Orange County meetings on July 12th.

            Irvine Underground:
            which usually takes place at the Irvine Spectrum Food Court. Freaky (from securemac) runs this one. Freaky would probably gladly meet at the D&B at Irvine Spectrum.

            Meeting with a bunch of forum people with Asctell:
            Will happen at either The Block (at orange, northern OC) or Irvine Spectrum (Mid OC). Both locations have D&B.

            Skroo's meet:
            I don't know too much about this one. I guess a few caravan peeps are meeting up. They planned to meet at the D&B at Orange.

            Ok, it looks like the random forum meet is torn between Orange and Irvine, which each have their own meet...
            Any ideas?


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              Well I will be there even if I am alone. I'm just passing through, don't wanna upset anyone's applecart!


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                Freaky is currently in Vegas enjoying the holiday weekend.
                I doubt he will agree to meet at D&B in Orange.
                I am worried about a low attendance because people are torn between the three meets.
                If Freaky's meet could move to Orange, or Skroo's meet could move to Irvine, then we'd all meet at the same place.

                Note: The DCForum meet can happen at either Orange or Irvine, but blackwave indicated orange at the post. It could possibly change to the other option, Irvine.


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                  I don't know how long these other events have been going on, maybe if we try to attract a different sort of audience we won't lower the attendance of the other events?


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                      disorganized organization


                      Anyone for trying to merge all three meetings into one big meeting?

                      it would create a larger number of people in one place rather than a few people at a few places (could be good, or bad?)


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                        That is exactly what I want to do, but I have not had a chance to speak with Skroo.
                        I am talking to Freaky about it right now, either he or I will post details later.


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                          Hello everyone :) Nulltone has been talking about, a organization of people from Irvine and such places meeting together to talk about the underground and that type of nature. For the past few months we have been organizing the group getting it ready for announcement due to holidays and other events it has been private for the past few months.

                          The meetings are at the Irvine Spectrum starting @ 8PM on Friday, generally the first friday of every month but the 4th of July has caused us to move it to the 2nd Friday this month. Since it has been discussed to meet up some place in OC I thought now we be a better time than ever to introduce it to this group.

                          The food court is where we start out, someone mentioned they would like to goto D&B, that is something that could be accomplished once everyone has joined. If you would like to be there your more than welcome. I've enjoyed reading all your posts and look forward to meeting you all.

                          For those still wishing to go their seperate ways this Friday and not join IU meeting I still hope to see you at DC.


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                            Re: IrvineUnderground

                            Originally posted by Freaky
                            Greetings Freaky,
                            I have sent you an email requesting more information (such as agenda, etc.) if it is available. :) Looking forward to checking out the IU. I am quite glad to see a local group that is only a few minutes away.


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                              At first, I tried to merge the three meetings, with the hope that nobody would miss out.
                              After a bit of thinking, that'll be a hard thing to do. Personally, I am going to go to IU. I think a few other forum people are also going to go.
                              If you can make to the IU meeting, great. Maybe send Freaky an e-mail, or let me know on IRC.
                              If not, too bad. I really hoped that all people meeting on 7/12 could meet together.