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Lightning Strikes and Missing Links By Perri A. Doutre

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  • Lightning Strikes and Missing Links By Perri A. Doutre

    Lightning Strikes and Missing Links

    Lightning Strikes, born of the animal digits fury, tapped, tapped, tapped onto her soul. Forcing sensing in all things a knowing, with energy, for her alone. The feel on her skin, the acid burn translucent geometric pattern illuminating. The sound to her, the bated soul of the lost path burning.

    A pressure so deep within her, and the effects no longer wanting to be heard by her. Strikes forced out of her…Burning wires, back to the drivers, to the magnets that once held onto her… Not felt for so long, the giggles burst out of her... She was back with a new found ability, held by the man that made her dizzy and all just to make them stop.

    The years spent to understand it, to control it came easy. Succumbing only to the hierarchy, deeper than she originally had suspected it to be. Gaining respect within the animals allure. They tracked, trapped, skinned alive and had eaten her. Devoured and bleeding… Spent… She had actualized their needing.

    Used to scare people, she had never intended, weird they thought she was. Held right thru time, in her accusations her truth, its fear in you and alone. Unable to fully honor them, she faced this by herself. And then your awakening… distressed and curious just below your skin and crawling. She felt you were one, and unlike any other, able to protect and help direct the electricity flowing within her. And not be afraid of her ability to jump thru time, space or reality. She knows what she owns, and who’s been watching it, she won’t go willingly and if forced she will destroy it.

    2 Ninjas were sent to capture her, with bolts for Lightning’s thunder. One tried to hold on to her, releasing what she knew in her. The Ravens.. Unleashed upon the two, spinning reels back and forth at you with speeds and sounds unfamiliar to you. Sent. To burn their path back and forward and all links to you.... Links… Lost Links…. Where is Missing Links. 1 Ninja down.. 1 to go.

    He was here just now, her mission to return to him… a possession, held for years for him, and back to the man that made her dizzy. Where is Missing Links. Held hostage, delivered it back to him... his reason for being in life again, and with one question asked it had all been restored, and Missing Links he was no more.

    The Ravens ate up both of you, ripped and gorged on you, an 18% loss to you. Costly… In all respects… 6 hours Lightning fought with you, 6% was their final cost for you, with millions left for the others to unravel. 3 ninjas stripped, and away she was hidden.

    Not ashamed of what she did, she had no other choice for them. Her goal to undo the youth’s actions, a label to be struck and to return what was forbidden. What she had done was found and held for him, the fragmented parts of his wandering soul. A quantum combination for most of you, but these two always knew and he was the one.. that made her dizzy…. Long ago understood. The years spent perfecting it, controlling it came easy and all the while, trying to be good.

    This is what it takes.. It is certain. For in this life and all the reasons for living it. And for Lightning Strikes and Missing Links a split second glide thru time.
    "Haters, gonna hate"