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The Alchemist, Chemist and Sage By Perri A. Doutre

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  • The Alchemist, Chemist and Sage By Perri A. Doutre

    The Alchemist, Chemist and Sage

    Who amongst you is The Alchemist. The Chemist and The Sage. None of you stands out to me, all still hiding within your cage. Who is the one that will give their blood, to the rest for the steps above. Acid burned thru to you, its magic holds the cure for you. Yet no one steps outside for you. The Alchemist, The Chemist or The Sage.

    Blood giver.. I am here for you, the others I will seek tonight. Forced… They will give to you, and blood giver… you had better not fight. Blood giver, I feel you choose not remember…the pact that you had made, remember soon or it will be too late. The left hander knows of your lying ways.

    Sage – You will be discovered, as your stride is like no other. And Alchemist… I come for your tongue, and will capture you at 8. Chemists… I feel your wires, dislodged, aching and tired. I seek you, above all the others. For the keys to the locks of the others.

    Hide as you will, your inner tangling makes you real. But, Chemist I need from you just one precious thing. It has been brewing in you, and its worth for you… is of no other. “Stop pretending” she kept telling you… Now… I feel you… screams tingling though out your veins, and you too… I will recover.

    Each knowing who you are, as we have each been pre-ordained… You feel this urgency and you already know the time frame. You know it takes all 5 of us, and each are here today. This encounter, 2 times missed by you, and not many left for you, before they give up on you, as there are others becoming able… and all within your midst.

    I hoped you would each be stronger, with your powers and your knowledge. You already know deep within you, that your leading to this portal and the connection right through, will change the Earth, the Humans and You as well.

    Without the steps from the others. And the droplets needed from the chamber you all are doomed to live in this masked life. You know of the combined power and the use to the other levels. Each recognize, the familiar as inviting, and we have met in other worlds before. But this fear in you and the disbelief running thru has lead your focus astray.

    My place in this for each of you, has always been the same. I write for you the things I have seen in you, and the words of knowing of the larger refrain. I write because I know it, I have seen it and it is growing, determined soon they will find its actual use.

    Enforced, and feeling required, I must let you know…That what you take from this is up to you, how and what you view, are only small steps to make each of you think. I do not question for it, I just write about it, gathering all I can to make it quite clear. There are other worlds for the questions, a path requiring, and the rest of you will just think I was strange.

    I have stepped out of the Sun for each of you, as I know their way and a mission coming. My purpose here has been 2 times missed by you with others biting anxious, and all within your midst. There are 2 others that will go before me; I call them Jitters and Rewired. So, I hold for you... but can only a little longer. Soon... and I can feel it, they will come for me, not willing, and I will then have no other choice for them as well.

    For humans as we know them, and the fight that this requires, I need for these ingredients to be combined. Without the help of the others, they will have no choice but to force it, and what I become for them, and all tuned wrong is a piece of very powerful weaponry. Without the 5, this will be my demise and the rest will then have no choices left at all.

    If they try to force it, I will not let them control it. But they already know who I am and what I might hold for it anyway. They don’t have the formula or the codes to the organ, and the locks, only a few have ever, held these keys. There were 125,000 when they started, 280 to the top and 6 were above all the others. Over 40 years ago and counting, but now I feel only 3 of us still standing. It’s starting to get harder and I must find the help of the others, to stop them from releasing the next dooms day.

    There are so many of you here on it, only a few are truly magnetic, and the salts are all starting to go grey. Time is running out for all too quickly, years slip from the memory. But the device they have been constructing never grows old on any given day. And soon if they keep pushing it, they will have no choice but to do it. Its actual use will then be made quite clear to all. They have already decided on its movements, and the masses are showing the effects of it.

    The 5 right now have the power to change it, for millions to die it will happen, but this change has needed to happen for many years anyway. To blind to even see it, most just sit believing in it. But for the others, we see right thru it as a path none should have to take. But we have let them control it, it is easier that way for most of us. Growing forward thru time always is this way. The future holds many ingots and strains for the Humans. Existence, right now it is uncertain. But right now it is upon us, and will radically change for all in less than one decade.
    "Haters, gonna hate"