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  • ID4CON

    After a few years of absence...

    23b WILL BE HOSTING ID4CON this year!

    From Thursday July 1st to Sunday July 4th in Fullerton CA (local socal airports include SNA, LGB, LAX, BUR, ONT)

    This is a zero drama event, this means ANYBODY* (*who we haven't had to call the police on) can come. Paul hates gene, gene hates brandy; gene, brandy and paul are all invited, yay! Now, if you're paul and you decided you JUST. CAN'T. HANG. WITH. GENE, then you should police yourself and not come. Simple as that.

    We will be partying all weekend. And as with all our parties the standing rule is NO DRUNK DRIVERS (look, I used caps, and bold and italics, that means I mean it). That means bring a tent/sleeping bag/tarp/hammock/giant rv/call a cab etc... You are welcome to camp onsite during the party. Don't get drunk and drive anywhere.

    We will have at least one pool. We will have at least one BBQ. Bring Booze. Bring Food. Bring everything you can think of. Just be prepared for a good time


    We even have a facebook event page for this!

    This is less than a month before Defcon, so think of this as a warm-up for Defcon.

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    Re: ID4CON

    Such great timing. I'll be in town for something else, but I will drop by at some point over the weekend.


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      Re: ID4CON

      Does anybody have a small but relatively powerful sound system we can use for the champagne room? must sound good with nine inch nails, strippers love nine inch nails..


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        Re: ID4CON

        For out and out total debauchery 23b does throw a hell of a party. Keep the closest hospital directions on the wall and a well stocked first aid kit and leave all other inhibitions at the door of your tent. Rock on you crazy diamonds!
        "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."