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    As it gets closer to DefCon we're ready to start sharing more information wth those teams who are playing in the competition this year. The network setup this year is going to be much different than it has in the past and should help to curb attacks against the infrastructure as well as DoS attacks towards other teams. As we mentioned earlier, all teams will receive a single network drop into our game network. Along with this connection you will be given a full class C subnet that you may do whatever you want with (if you need more than 254 ip addresses, you're doing it wrong). Because of this we will not be offering DHCP but you will not need to use NAT in order to connect multiple players into the game network. x.x.x.1 will be your router and all you will need to do is connect a switch to the drop and make sure that it routes through there.

    In regard to hardware needed to compete you should expect to provide your own computer, switch/hub/router, and ethernet cables. The hotel should be providing power strips at all the tables, whether or not they provide enough is entirely up to what your team is planning on bringing.