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  • Details about our location

    Hey all,

    So i've been in contact with Pyr0 as well as the Riviera hotel staff regarding the location of the Beer Cooling Contraption Contest this year. As some of you may have heard, there were rumors of a new location for us and we can now confirm that will be happening.

    We won't be out in the dirty parking lot anymore... but we also won't be indoors on the contest floor.

    This year, the DEFCON 18 BCCC event will take place near the main hotel pool in the courtyard inside of all the towers. The time is still set for noon on Friday.

    Despite being outside, we will (i am told) have both a hose as well as electrical power.

    So i'm planning on having two categories of competition...
    1. Wilderness - contraptions that are wholly self-sufficient. all they can use is the power of ice, ostensibly carried in from a cooler or other such source. no electricity, no supply of pressurized water (using water as if from a lake or river is ok)

    2. Pseudo-Civilization [- contraptions that would work in a nice KOA-style campground or on a military base. while a ready supply of ice might be available, these contraptions might rely more on electrical power from an AC or DC source. (AC is supplied... but you could run off of DC if you have your own source in order to prove some sort of concept or adapt a device for automotive use)

    teams will, as always, focus on taking a supply of beer exposed to the outdoor heat of Nevada and getting it down to a proper drinking temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Remember... we'll be POOLSIDE across from Kady's, near the entrance by Krisopher's steak house... you know, by the rooms that are often a focus of PoolCon.

    (yes, i know the BCCC web page isn't fully updated... i'll get to that tonight after the ball game perhaps)
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    Re: Details about our location

    Though I'm not planning to enter again this year, I'd like to be involved in some way. PM me if you could use any volunteers to assist with recording scores or whatnot.