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10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid Contest UPDATE

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  • 10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid Contest UPDATE

    Hey there everyone!

    The following text was sent out via email to all of those who provided me with contact information. If you want to help out w/ 10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid and you didn't get the email - please send email to Thx!


    At this point, I have the following great news to report:

    Due to the hard work of a VERY small group of people, we're up to 50%
    of the categories written and we have about 30% of the prizes

    Also, we're about 5 weeks away from DEF CON.

    Pardon me for a moment.


    Not good enough people. Not good enough at all!

    So. Let us turn our attention to what remains outstanding:

    Category Assistance!

    If you could please put pen to paper / fingers to keyboards /
    tentacles to touchscreens and get even one or two categories written
    up in a reply to this email, we'd have enough. If you need help
    figuring out what a category is, please have a look at the website:

    Prize / Penny Mule Assistance!

    If you have any great ideas for prizes (the more game show the better
    -- anyone have sources for Rice-a-Roni or Turtle Wax?) and you'd like
    to contribute (by which I mean pay for and donate to the cause) such
    awesome as you are able to locate - please let me know. Also, if you
    are perchance from that lovely country north of the fabulous United
    States of America and would be able to mule some pennies down to vegas
    as part of your luggage allotment, please let me know.

    During DEF CON!

    Due to the excellent work done by Badge Designer extraordinaire Joe
    Grand, there's some 10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid goodness built into the DEF
    CON 18 electronic badge!

    In order to maximize the awesomeness of _being part of the badge_ ---
    we need to get the word out to the DEF CON audience that they NEED to
    be a part of 10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid. To further that goal, I'm
    looking for people to help distribute some flyers / stickers /
    tokens-of-esteem on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Oh, and anyone
    who'd like to help w/ designing or producing the above flyers /
    stickers / tokens-of-esteem - we need you too.

    During the CONTEST!

    Apart from myself, we do need helpers during the actual contest. At
    this point, I'm pretty sure that the following positions exist - some
    are filled - if you think you can fill one and/or can think of a
    position that I haven't thought of - please let me know.

    Show Host (yours truly)
    Show Hostess (do not taunt the hostess)
    Show Runner (managing on-time performance and not forgetting things)
    Show Girls (I've got 2 unlikely north-easterly folks on this one already)
    Prize Manager (keep track of the prizes, make sure we finish w/ zero)
    Celebrity Wrangler (keep the celebrities happy and interested)
    Contestant Wrangler (keep the contestants happy and interested)
    Audience Wrangler (get the audience fired up and keep them that way)
    Computer Wrangler (get our crap working w/ DEF CON standard layout)
    Questions Interface (someone to run the questions interface)
    Timer Interface (someone to run the timer interface)
    A/V Wrangler (make sure that the video and audio of the event gets recorded)
    Photographer (there are literally less than 50 pictures of last year,
    and all of them are blurry)

    If you're already in one of those positions or if you think you'd like
    to be, please plan on making some free time later this week for a
    con-call as we need to get some planning nailed down hard.

    If you've already committed to or are interested in committing to the
    computer/av team - please get in touch w/ me asap -- we didn't put
    enough effort into this last year and it showed.

    Also, in order to pre-empt some/many of the questions I expect to receive:

    1/ No, you can't get into DEF CON for free by helping out. DEF CON costs money.
    2/ Yes, technically Speakers do get in for free, but if you don't
    spend at least $140 of your time coming up with good content, Nikita
    will take it out of your ass.
    3/ I can get a limited (likely very limited) number of contest badges
    for those who put in a serious contribution - this will have to be
    4/ If you commit to this little project, please understand that we are
    COUNTING on you - don't be a drama queen.
    5/ Yes, we're serious about the categories thing - it's sorta the deal
    with the game show we're emulating.
    6/ If you think your idea is really whacky, please let me know, we
    might just be able to pull it off.

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    Re: 10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid Contest UPDATE

    I'll likely be able to (at least) mule for you again. U know how to get in touch w/ me :P