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What is the Twitter Hunt & how do I play?

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  • What is the Twitter Hunt & how do I play?

    Each day at DEF CON*you will have an opportunity to blag yourself a sweet*limited edition DEF CON-ized skateboard deck. There may also be a couple of
    signed Tony Hawk decks slung in for good measure too... who knows. ;-) We'll probably be slinging in some smaller prizes too, t-shirts, con swag, copies of the Greg Evan "#1 Hacker" book (pun not intended) that sort of thing.

    You will have to follow @TheSuggmeister ( during DEF CON to know where to look. He'll be tweeting clues which lead to*prizes. Hashtag #defconTH"

    Don't worry, you can unfollow me after the con.

    Watch this space for a web site and some pre-con sneak previews of swag.

    **Update ** Website with FAQs an stuff ->
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    Re: What is the Twitter Hunt & how do I play?

    I'm looking forward to it! The talk sounds good too.

    Don't forget to get approval in advance if you are using the DEF CON name or imagery on your board! I hardly ever refuse a request, but we do need to approve art.
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      Re: What is the Twitter Hunt & how do I play?

      I hear Nikita spoke to you, but did she send you the sample deck graphics? If not, let me know an I'll send them. On paper they look really good. I'm hoping they come back as good. According to fed-ex, I should know by Monday.

      FWIW, if you guys have a logo and/or design that you'd like to see on a deck, send it my way and I'll get a couple made up for the con.

      PS. Thanks for the opportunity for the talk and give-aways. I think some people are going to leave pretty "stoked" :-)