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  • A Note About Scoring

    In an attempt to build a scoring system that will last longer than a year we've decided to go with a scoring system that will more closely match the type of game that we want to run in the future. Because of this, the scoring method is going to be changing from how it was originally described and done in the past.

    There are two types of challenges, repeatable flags and one time flags. Repeatable flags can be owned once by each team for each scoring interval. In order to score, you must own the challenge and retrieve the key from it. With this key you will submit it to a web application which will recording your submissions and give you points for it. One time flags will be released throughout the duration of the game and point values will depreciate with time, so the faster you solve the challenge the more points you will receive. Bonuses will be rewarded for the first teams to solve both types of challenges in the form of point multipliers.