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Ricketts Sniffing/Trivia Contest

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  • Ricketts Sniffing/Trivia Contest

    A highly-underplanned, previously-canceled, and poorly announced contest is now a go and open to ALL with a DefCon badge. The prize will be a $100 gift certificate for an online retailer of the winner's choice donated by a very nice company (that was nice enough to support two guys coming up to them at the pub last night begging for sponsorship.)

    - Contest will take place Sunday before noon at a time and place TBA. It should take less than two hours.
    - Round 1 on Sunday will be answering comp sec/history trivia questions.
    - Round 2 on Sunday will be a packet sniffing puzzle.
    - All equipment will be provided to the Participants on Sunday morning. You need only bring your brain. (A beer for the sponsors is appreciated, but not mandatory.)

    - 50 invites will be handed out beginning Thursday (now!) on the Con floor. Approach one of the five disreputable-looking people wearing a black or red "Ricketts" shirt and ask for details. You may need to answer a trivia question, bribe them with liquor, publicly embarrass yourself, or otherwise entertain to qualify for an entry. We also need a number or e-mail to send you further Contest details before Sunday. (We promise not to spam you later.)

    Have fun and see you at Defcon!
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    Re: Ricketts Sniffing/Trivia Contest

    Hello forum Members and lurkers,

    I received confirmation from Pyr0 that this is a legit contest this year at Defcon 18.

    Additionally, I received a PM from Jules saying they got an OK from Pyr0 and Pyr0 was going to email me later.

    I contacted Pyr0 and he did reply.

    I think it is OK for me to post a segment of his private reply to me in this public space without incident:

    Originally posted by Pry0
    Go ahead but please label as an "unofficial event" ... they can't be a formal contest this year but they were more than welcome to host an event off site as an unofficial event.
    Good luck to players and leader/organizers, and please plan earlier next year to avoid confusion, and let attendees know about your contest.
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      Invites Gone

      Many, many thanks to PyrO, the other Goons, and of course Dr. Jules for working this out last minute. Sorry for the confusion about the posts and forum.

      I was asked to relay that as of yesterday afternoon all invites have been given out. (The number was dropped to 35 to suit the venue.) The judges really don't care if you need to trade the invite if you can't attend, but please respect that this contest is intended for people at their first DefCon and/or never done a contest before. Any CalTech or UofM student who has taken Jules' class is ineligible to compete.

      Thanks again, sorry for any trouble, and I hope everyone is having a great Con!