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[Defcon 18] Ninja Networks Party Unlock ... -NOT-

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  • [Defcon 18] Ninja Networks Party Unlock ... -NOT-

    Clever hackers that we all are, I'm sure more than one of us has thought "bypass the Ninja Networks 'achievement locked' code and get an instant +1 invite code..."

    Ain't that simple :) This is not the algorithm you're looking for ... move along.

    On another note .. thanks for putting an FTDI chip on this year's badge Kingpin! I'm already having oodles of fun with mine.

    If anyone needs some surface mount pin headers for the two rows of exposed pads, I have a limited amount of them in my HHV kit. It will be first-ask, first served tomorrow at the HHV skybox, unless someone wants to make a run to Frys. You can, of course, also carefully solder a standard through-hole two row pin header there by bending the lower half of the pins 90 degrees, but it will be more fragile.

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    Re: Ninja Networks Party Unlock ... -NOT-

    VAN***S W**G

    QR Code


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      Re: Ninja Networks Party Unlock ... -NOT-

      In case you do end up unlocking the badge and want to take it back to the original state, popping the battery out will reset it. Be very careful when you do that...the battery is a very tight fit.
      jur1st, esq.