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  • Your impressions

    so, the event finished.
    What is your impression of it's quality (how cool was it)?
    Best to write it in words, so that everybody can see who is of what opinion
    It's excellent and interesting
    It was nice, i liked it
    It's okey
    Did not like it. Has reasons for it.
    It was a fail

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    Re: Your impressions

    personally i did not like it:

    *statistically wrong atrificiall rules. unnormally wrong.
    *statistics for 10\20\50\100\1000k most used passwords... totally fail.
    *megapasswordlists (few gig's some people have) also fail
    *no long passwords. Thei give advantage to those, who know how to get them. (9-12 symbol loweralpha or loweralpha with some num\s). All real DB have them

    just to say - everything is unreal and totalli artificiall. Rather far from life, and for effective bruting requires big powers, OR - understanding rather "self-imagined by authors" rules and using them over rather primitive - i should admit - passlists.

    May be my personal result is not "true" high (see the reasons few strings up) but it is still more than 20k cracked passes, and i think i have small right for judjing the event.

    ps. it does not matter, wich team a played for. My opinion would not differ from it, i am shure


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      Re: Your impressions

      It was announced from the beginning that the plaintexts were artificially created.

      I don't understand why that's surprising...

      Additionally, they were not going to simply make 25% of the plaintexts abc123 and other common things. You may find that in the wild, but how does that help separate people in a contest?

      So I don't know, I had fun.

      If you didn't write your own, you weren't playing hard enough.

      The end.


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        Re: Your impressions

        man, i organized and supervised Two full hashcracking competitions, with about 15 prayers each.
        Every contest had it's own 100% real 30k+ BD dump, everybody were more than happy ;)

        I propose to ask to organize the next such event the winner of this one - personally the atom.
        Non-hashcrackers can not make artificial passwords close enough to wild ones. And a good hashcracker is the one who is good in the wild. Extra-low-variety rules (most out of 100k most used, and only a few really actual) + primitive wordlists also have nothing to do with it.
        Anyway the organizer must be a well-known pro, but not a somebody frome somewhere, unknown on any haskcracking forum, having close to zero wild experience and so on.

        This is just my opinion. I know it is rather rough, but possibly in future it would help.
        Also this thread is for hashcrackers, who at least present is any "tops".
        So let it be.) I know i am not the only one who have similar thoughts
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          Re: Your impressions

          Hey, I'm from Phx2600. We had a blast playing this weekend. Overall impressions were very positive.

          We had never really done something quite like this, so it was a good learning experience as well. Would definitely play again if it were ran next year. There's definitely a lot of things I would have liked to do more / differently / not at all in retrospect. (Wished we could have gotten more of the NTLM hashes! Of all places, we hit problems there.)

          More complete writeup to come, very likely.
          A picture is worth 1024 words.


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            Re: Your impressions

            I liked the contest, it was fun.