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Well, THAT fucking rocked!

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  • Well, THAT fucking rocked!

    Holy shit! Who knew how much fun and enjoyment offering massage at con would be? I had an idea, but seriously, it was exceeded in just about every way.

    Now that I've had a day to sleep (basic math says Vegas = 3 days, 9 hrs sleep, ~15 drinks, 5 parties, 18 hrs massage.) and get some bodywork done so my arms are functional again, I want to write and express my gratitude to the Defcon organizers and attendees that helped make the massage corner the best damn place to be this year. pyr0 and roamer did an amazing job organizing the con areas and giving us everything we needed, and our goon squad was the best group of helpful, encouraging people we could have possibly asked for. Thankyouthankyou.

    For me personally, it was an incredibly lovely experience to contribute to a community I've spent 14 years cultivating in my life, doing something I believe in and know improves peoples lives. I loved being in the contest room, out in the open and being able to see/connect with the people around me. I loved being a part of the energy and spirit of the con this year, which, in my experience, had the best vibe of any of them ... that I can remember. :)

    Thank you, everyone, so much for this experience. It really is one of the high points in recent memory. I will absolutely be bringing the massage booth back next year, to the best of my ability, and I already have some ideas on how to improve the massage area - including bringing in more people so we can see more of you faster.

    If you've comments, suggestions, praise, rants, chocolate, or anything else to offer, reply here or contact me by any of the avenues below to let me know.
    neevita on twitter
    carrier pigeon to 47.6330, -122.2892

    Take care of you,

    P.S. If you snapped pictures of us working, can you send a link or email? Would love to have some!

    P.P.S. I wanna see more chicks getting mohawks for the EFF next year!

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    Re: Well, THAT fucking rocked!

    I've got 3-5 EXCELLENT shots I'll be posting to flickr of you and your partner in crime rubbing folks.

    Stay tuned tho - I have ~1300 photos to sort, edit, title tag and post - so It'll be a little bit :D