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DC18 Thanks! [and boos -- if any]

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  • DC18 Thanks! [and boos -- if any]

    Hi folks,

    Just want to thank everyone for making DC18 the awesome that it was.

    TheDarkTangent: You run an awesome con as always.
    Nikita: You keep the con running -- and I never saw you break a sweat! Nice Mohawk!
    Joe Grand: NICE badge, dude.. fantastic to play with, and you can use it -after- the con! Enjoy your BH lab coat!
    Stits and Thorn -- you guys rock! Thanks for all of your help running the 1st Tamper-Evident contest -- can't wait for the next round!

    Folks, add your props! :)


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    Re: DC18 Thanks! [and boos -- if any]

    +1 - AWESOME con guys!

    Props to all the Goons and organizers for making the adjustments on day 1 with the crowds and keeping it going.
    Props to Riverside for running a great network and CTP!

    Boos to whomever thought the guy from Facebook would be a good Keynote speaker.
    Boos to the teams in Hacker Jeporady who couldn't even answer a $100 question!


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      Re: DC18 Thanks! [and boos -- if any]

      I'd like to thank
      DJ Jackalope for yet another awesome year of music (this is only my second year and you have rocked it both times for me)
      Leo the only guy in a spedo who manages to rep it every year by the pool
      Hamster for his home brews never tasted a beer that tastes so good but kicks you back twice as hard
      B-side for the Epic pool party
      Dualcore for hosting the very popular poolside parties that lasted through the night and of course we cant forget the vodka with a splash of red bull.
      Siviak for yet another awesome year of ScavHunt Team Awsome managed to sleep through Sundays last minute hand ins yet again

      Id also like to thank everyone that helped plan this years events and any one else i meet sorry i am terrible with names but i hope to see you all next year at the Rio it will be very interesting but i am dreading the buffet line (save some crab legs for me :c)


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        Re: DC18 Thanks! [and boos -- if any]

        *blush. Thanks! I love playing music at defcon*
        DJ Jackalope
        dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

        send in the drop bears!


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          Re: DC18 Thanks! [and boos -- if any]

          Originally posted by DJ Jackalope View Post
          *blush. Thanks! I love playing music at defcon*
          I can honestly say i listen to your mix off last years cd in my car and i would love to get some new stuff if you have cds or somthing