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  • Thanks Again

    I wanted to post a quick thanks to everyone that came to the BBQ this year, we had some trouble getting a few things lined up for this year but everything came together at the last minute.

    Thanks to all my chiefs, your tireless efforts at the grill did not go unnoticed

    And to the owner of the Defcon Bus, You Sir Rock (and if you get chance send me a PM)

    Thanks to everyone that donated their time, money, or food. Be proud of yourself its because of you that we are able to have the BBQ year after year. And because of the money that was raised there will absolutely be another toxic BBQ.

    Looking forward:

    I really do want to have some kind of shuttle service so more people can come and enjoy the event, we tried to do it this year but the cost was a little to high. But I think I may already have an option lined up.

    Next year I hope to be able to provide some more exotic meats and maybe see the return of the Titanium chief.

    We will be using the same location next year and I hope to also arrange for a second BBQ to built for us at the current location at the park.

    Thanks again, I love putting together the BBQ and providing us a day to relax and hang out before con.

    There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

    - Henry David Thoreau