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DC802 Meeting Annoucment Sept 18th 1-5PM @ Judd Hall, VTC Randolph VT

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  • DC802 Meeting Annoucment Sept 18th 1-5PM @ Judd Hall, VTC Randolph VT

    DC802 Meeting Sept 18th 10-5PM @ Judd Hall, VTC Randolph VT. That’s right we’ve got the space for most of the day! Lunch is available at the all you can eat cafeteria, and we may be working out some sort of deal. (TBA)

    The rough list of presentations is:

    Morning Session

    * Hackerspaces: 30 Minute Download by Agent X
    A quick briefing on hackerspaces, makerspaces, Fablabs. A little history, and some pointers to resources
    * Panel Discussion: Tech, Teens & Makerspace in VT?
    Dwight of VTC is going to hosting a panel regarding above, maybe you should be on the panel..see below!

    Break for Lunch

    * Defcon 18 Reviewed discussing the fun and adventures at Defcon 18 the annual hacker mecca event in Vegas.
    * Hoag rebuttals Hayden : Local Professor takes on BlackHat Keynote speaker General Hayden in a one sided debate regarding the future of “cyber”!
    * PwnPlg by Dave We’re still firming this one up but Dave might be back on stage to talk about another little project he has in the works.
    * DC802 goes to Boston or NYC? Roadtrip? Hackers? Misadventures in Boston or NYC?
    * Double Secret Announcement! the DC802 team has a special new activity they want to share with you!
    * Show and Tell, Open Floor: What do you got!

    Do you have something you’d like to present or announce etc! email info @ dc802 dot org to make arrangements?

    Panel Participants Wanted: Tech and Teens
    Would you like to see youths in your area more engaged with computers,
    electronics, and related technology? Do you know of opportunities to set
    up makerspace-like environments that would welcome teens who are
    interested (but might have a lot to learn)? Have you tried to set
    something like this up, but run into obstacles? Please consider being a
    panelist at the DC802 meeting this Saturday, Sept. 18, and contributing
    your knowledge and experience. This panel is meant to be the start of
    discussion and networking, leading to makerspace-like facilities and
    programs for VT youth.

    The meeting will be held at Judd Hall which can be located on the Campus Map. Direction are here

    The Defcon Groups were spawned from the annual Defcon security conference in Las Vegas. The Defcon Groups (DCGs or DC-Groups) are a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology, referred to properly as ‘hacking’. DCGs are not intended to compete with any other computer groups, such as 2600, but rather to provide yet another gathering place for the discussion of technology and security topics. DCG meetings are open to anyone, regardless of their skill, age, job, gender, etc. DCGs are designed to help you learn new things, meet new people, mentor others in areas you may be strong in, and provide some cohesion within the hacker culture and it’s members.

    See you there!