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DC585 Status & December Meeting

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  • DC585 Status & December Meeting

    A quick post to make everyone aware of where things stand with this group:

    1) The web site is down.
    2) The mailing list is gone.
    3) We're alive!
    4) We meet around 1900 on the third Friday of each month at the Rochester Hackerspace -

    To expound a bit on the first two items:
    The site ( is undergoing a redesign - it will be back soon.
    The old mailing list was removed by the hosting provider without warning. I have no idea who was on it (bad admin!), and that's a big reason why everything has been in limbo.

    If you're interested in discussing or getting news about the Rochester DefCon Group, join the new google group: You can also follow the twitter account: @dc585

    Keeping with item #4 above, the next meeting is at 1900 on Friday, December 17, at Interlock. I haven't yet decided what to talk about but I'm leaning towards a fun, interesting, practical walk through of what XSS is and why it's such a big deal (hint: we will *not* be doing a stupid pop-up alert).

    As always, ping me if you have any questions.