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Android rooting and modding workshop at ShmooCon

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  • Android rooting and modding workshop at ShmooCon

    Here's a little note about something i've wanted to do for some time and am finally trying to pull off at ShmooCon...

    i like my Android phone. indeed, i have liked all of my Android phones. despite some of the privacy concerns and the forking problems that face developers, i like the Android platform. however, i would have not liked these devices nearly as much if i hadn't rooted them.

    without rooting the phone, an Android device is severely crippled and limited. however, a lot of folk whom i know (many of them not super-technical) have expressed anxiety over that prospect. it's actually not that hard, most of the time... and i have long wanted to run a small workshop to help people root and customize their Android phones for maximum enjoyment, etc.

    we're going to try to take a whack at this at ShmooCon this year. we've given the mini-workshop the nickname of #ShmooDroid (and the associated hash tag will be the way to discuss it on Twitter) and i'm just spreading the word and hoping folk might want to come by, either to mod their phones or to help show others some of the good things that can be done.

    i have experience with the HTC and Motorola families of these devices, but if people have a lot of good results in their past with other models, etc... well, i'd love to have you there. i'll be providing free drinks to people who help and show others, etc.

    i want to see at least one or two dozen people leave the workshop with rooted (or even ROM modded) phones running Ad-Free, with full tethering, pruned away bloat, modded Google apps, and maybe even overclocked CPUs, etc.

    discuss on Twitter (#ShmooDroid) or here in this thread if you're interested. Could be a fun time.
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    Re: Android rooting and modding workshop at ShmooCon

    That sounds like a fun time. I'll be bring my Droid (original model) and my brand new NookColor.
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      Re: Android rooting and modding workshop at ShmooCon

      Gah!!! I won't be able to make ShmooCon and DC 19 will be the cherry popper for me as it will be my first time going to something like this. Is there any chance this will carry over to DC 19? I would definitely show up to this workshop with my htc.


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        Re: Android rooting and modding workshop at ShmooCon

        I wonder if I could get a cheap droid before ShmooCon?