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    So, I threw this idea around with some people at the DC18, figure I might as well throw out some feelers on the board.

    It shouldn't strike you as odd that a large number of us train in various martial arts. I was wondering if there would be interest in setting up a demo area for people to show off some of their skills and techniques.

    We could have scheduled demos of various martial arts, etc. Perhaps a tutorial for people interested in learning a move or two.

    Couple ground rules I was thinking of:
    1) No live blades, only practice weapons or other equipment the Rio would be ok with
    2) This is not Thunderdome, think more exhibition than competition
    3) While I'm sure whatever martial art YOU train in is the absolute best and you can prove it, let's keep an open mind and keep things civil

    Possible logistics:
    1) We'd need mats. That would depend on whatever space we have. I was thinking a local dojo might let us borrow some, perhaps let them do a demo for posterity or something
    2) Waivers. Obviously, we don't want any lawsuits or injuries. Or at least lawsuits. So we'd need to have something for people to sign before they get on the mat.
    3) Sign-up method, so we can schedule demos so that people can plan ahead.
    3) What am I missing?

    Any thoughts/interest?