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  • What about j0hnny?

    As DEF CON is fast approaching, I'm seeing the usual comments about doing X event and donating the proceeds to the EFF. While I'm all for the EFF and what they do, I wonder if maybe we could spread the wealth some.

    Hackers for Charity, for those who do not know, was started by one of our own to help give back to the community by building IT infrastructure and educational labs in Africa. They have had a booth in the Vendor Area for a few years now that you may have stopped by.

    If you are involved in an event at DEF CON that will raise money, maybe consider Hackers for Charity as a worthwhile group to donate to.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Hackers for Charity aside from being a friend of Johnny's and supporting them in the past.

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    Re: What about j0hnny?

    I do agree,
    While donating to the EFF is great i think we need to remember that there is other places such as Hackers for charity.


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      Re: What about j0hnny?

      I am not sure how active they still are, but in the past the (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility) were quite active and the "original" group active in IT issues. International, while not strictly IT related, do have a large cross over with privacy minded hackers, and a couple people in the scene sit on their board.
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