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  • Bleh!

    Well, we somehow managed to miss you guys, but did bump into blackwave later, which was nifty. From the sounds of it all went well.

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    Can we shoot for the 26th maybe?


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      Yeah too bad we all didn't get to meet up at the same time and at the same place, but it was quite an interesting night that I would care to do again... This is how the night went

      Went to the block around 3pm.
      Walked in and sat at the arcade bar.
      Noticed astcell walking around, and he snuck up behind me while I was trying to get the attention of the bartender, (she was flirting with some guys on the other side of the bar).
      Ordered a round for astcell and I, we chatted.
      Ordered another round, and chatted some more.
      after a while of chatting we were getting hungry, and we kept on chatting and tried to get the attention of the bartender every time she passed, but then kept on chatting...
      Finally we caught her and ordered some nachos for astcell (of course), i got some chicken quesadilla appetizer. We at and drank...
      We went outside walked around the block, i smoked a clove and headed to the bookstore.
      We hung out there for a while, then parted our ways.
      From there I headed home and recharged my cell (i always forget, and even carry a usb charger for it)... so I napped for about 20 minutes and then headed out for the spectrum...
      I went to the food court, noticed a group of people with spiked and colored hair, and thought it could be part of the group, and as I was walking by, they started to point and yell "You are a FREAK, you have colored hair..." and laugh... I just thought it was pretty funny, since I thought my hair was the tamest of all... so then I realized they weren't the group I was planning to meet, so I went to get some coffee.
      I sat down on the other side of the punk kids.
      about 10 or so minutes later, Freaky came up, and we intro'd and waited for the rest of the group, looked around.
      After a few minutes we went into the bookstore, walked around looking for more people
      Finally we just went to inside the food court
      We sat there and talked, while waiting for more people.
      Finally after a while we had six people all chatting about various things, cell phones, programming, oses, theology, anthropology, etc... it was a pretty good chat...
      i then noticed some 23 members at the rubios, so I went up and intro'd, and asked where everyone was at, Flea responded that everyon was watching a movie at the theater.. I thought it was weird, and then said my goodbyes and walked back to the IU group, they thought it was weird too... but we continued chatting.. finally everyone was getting hungry and i went outside to smoke a clove, of course got jokingly knocked around for being unhealthy, etc. but i lit up anyway.
      We chatted some more, and people were getting hungry, though I had already eaten at the block... but I was up for drinks...
      So we headed to the sushi place and sat down, I had a beer, and some miso and everyone else ordered, and we chatted some more, learned how it seriously sucks to get a dui... some quite interesting chats..
      Everyone ate and drank, then we got up becaused they closed and they were staring at us.
      so we walked back to the center of the spectrum, and we parted our ways...
      I was a little tipsy from all the alcohol and after hearing the dui lecture, I wasn't planning to risk anything, so I was going to walk around, but right when everyone left, I turned and some girl stopped me and said "Are you going to the harvest festival?"... I thought, great... but I always entertain myself in these discussions, and I needed to waste time, so why not... and I started the dialog, and then a few minutes later offered a seat, and we rambled on... (seriously it was fun, she was a newbie at preaching)
      Later her group leader (yeah they come to these public places in groups), told her that everyone had to leave, and I intro'd myself to him as blackwave, and he thought it was strange.. but then we all said goodbye..
      so I still felt i needed to walk around, and eventually ended up next to the movie theater... where i noticed members of 23 still here.
      so i walked up and intro'd talked about how both groups missed meeting one another , chatted for a few then parted our ways.
      I got back in my vehicle and took the freeways back... passed out.

      Woke up around 2pm... and wrote all this down. :)


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        Originally posted by astcell
        Can we shoot for the 26th maybe?
        I am certainly up for it. :)