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Contests/Events policies, requirements, sponsorship, backing

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  • Contests/Events policies, requirements, sponsorship, backing

    Originally posted by TheCotMan
    Pyr0 asked me to copy this out and set it as a sticky. This will cause the notice at the bottom to read, "Last Edited by TheCotMan," which is of course true. If Pyr0 or someone else edits it, it should show it was last edited by them. This comment is included so you know my edit is intentional and requested, not a case of me making Pyr0's post read something other than what he sent to me in a PM. Thanks! -Cot
    Sponsorships ARE allowed and companies can create and/or support any Official Contests or Events. However, there are strict rules about what you can and can't do - see below

    displaying company swag, logos, banners, etc. DEF CON is not a corporate sales show - if you want to have a booth and push product, hold a recruiting event, etc. Buy a booth at Blackhat or sign up for a vendor table at DEF CON.

    You can donate money to support the community, conference, or private events and parties.
    If the event or contest is not a formal DEF CON Contest or Event you may display company sponsors gear tastefully.
    Example: Facebook sponsored Ninja Networks and in turn they had a small logo on the ninja badges

    For the record - if you have been planning to push product / company at DEF CON I hope you have reached out the the Vendor Goons and paid your fees.

    If somebody tries to push product, marketing, or business related shit in the contest area they will be warned and asked to remove / take down whatever has been deemed inappropriate. If they want to bitch and whine, throw a fit, or refuse I WILL PULL THIER BADGE AND THEY WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE CONFERENCE

    If you have any questions about what is appropriate and what isn't - email me at Pyr0 (AT) Defcon (DOT) org
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