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Dealing with the heat...

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  • not5150
    Re: Dealing with the heat...

    Get a neck wrap... basically a rolled up towel with some crystals in it to absorb water. Soak it in water and put it in the fridge.

    Wear it when you venture outside.

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  • Zorlac
    started a topic Dealing with the heat...

    Dealing with the heat...

    I dont cope all that well in the heat at the best of times, but Vegas is likely to be hotter than the UK has ever been in my lifetime (UK record is 101.3 °F, and I was melting!)..... that kind of worries me a little...

    I was wondering if anyone can provide us pasty white dudes from ~100% cloud covered countries some hints and tips about the best way to deal with the heat in Vegas? I know we will be inside a lot of the time, but there will be times when we will have to venture outside for whatever reason (DC Shoot, for example). Sunscreen, hats and constant hydration seem to be the standard procedure, but anything else that might help would be greatly appreciated. Does the lower humidity take the edge off the heat, even a little?

    (Sorry if this should be in another forum section, please feel free to move it to wherever it needs to go)