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International Slashdot MEETUP Day (OC)

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  • International Slashdot MEETUP Day (OC)

    MEETUP with other local Slashdotters to talk about the news for nerds

    Thursday, July 25 @ 7:00PM
    (Every 4th Thursday of the month.)

    Nerds everywhere are invited. Tell a friend and link to us.

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    whomever is going, see you at the Diedrich@Spectrum around 7pm.

    REMINDER: Slashdot
    2002/07/25 07:00PM -- *Don't leave other Nerds hanging - be on time!*
    Diedrich Coffee Shop
    71 Fortune Drive Irvine Spectrum Irvine Spectrum
    The MEETUP spot at the venue is Entrance


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      damn, short notice. Doesn't really work out for me =/


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        follow up

        Meet went by alright...
        In fact there were only about 10 people that rsvp'd on the slash board... and no one there was a poster.. but as we went later into the hour there eventually were around 45 people, with more than a handful of people from this board. It was pretty fun overall. We kept stealing Diedrich's chairs...


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          Turned out cool - was quite a crowd, interesting people and quite a lot of Defcon talk. So Im sure we will see all those OC people at the con too :)


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            Yes, very interesting meet and it was funny how the majority has been readers of slashdot yet never posted on there. Lots of different mixes of people and yes lots of defcon talk. Was a very good turnout , was this the first slashdot meet? Just curious! :D


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              Let us know with some more advanced warning next time and i'll show up.


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                its a good thing i'm blind, i would have had to go!
                i just found this thread....and now its too late!
                BW, you gotta keep on top of this kinda overlook.
                infact, you should probably hav an e-mail sent to me every 2 or 3 days with an updated schedule...

                sorry i missed it.
                infact, i have been to spectrum 4 times in the last 9 days getting preped for defcon. i'm heading over there today too. i probably saw you guys and didn't even notice...
                the fresh prince of 1337

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                  Originally posted by KeLviN
                  i probably saw you guys and didn't even notice...
                  Oh you can't not notice... ;) Next time I wlll use bigger fonts. :D