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[post con] What did you think of the new home for defcon?

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    Re: [post con] What did you think of the new home for defcon?

    Originally posted by 3d0g View Post
    100% agreed. I had the Sunday AM Skytalks shift and the 303 party had only wrapped up in there a few hours earlier. I got in at 8am and the convention services folk had just finished setting the room back to near perfection. I walked down to dispatch to ask for a water station in the room and the buggers were already delivering it by the time I walked back.
    Compare this to last year, when I came to the Skytalks room at the Riv on Sunday morning, to find the (still smoldering) wreckage from the night before, and less than 30 minutes before talks were supposed to begin. Getting Rivstaff to come and reset the room damned near took an act of God.

    Rio conference services staff kick ass. I only had one issue with the Skytalks room the entire weekend, based on a miscommunication, which was almost immediately remedied. What a breath of fresh air!
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