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Canadian Blood/Marrow donation for #bloodkode

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  • Canadian Blood/Marrow donation for #bloodkode

    So I was disappointed to find out that the blood drive and the be-the-match would not take my forgein blood or swab.

    However Canadian Blood Services has a similar program that matches internationally and I have already filled out the forms online to get my kit and am making an appointment for blood donation next week.

    For reference for my Canadian bretheren, both marrow and blood are through Canadian Blood services, information, forms, locations and everything is available at and the marrow program is called 'one match'

    If you are in another country, please post here as to your countries process for blood/marrow donation

    Cross post here and in the #bloodkode challenge thread ( if you donate (remember to bring your pic of Barkode!) I'm curious how many forgein nationals donate as well.
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